Business Package IP Allocation Request Form


There will be an additional monthly fee for IP assignments greater than a /29.
Please copy and paste the following form into a text editor.
Send the completed form to

San Diego Broadband
Request for IPv4 AND IPv6 address space.

* IP requests sent to SDBB may take up to 24 hours for /24 and smaller requests. *
* IP requests may take longer for IP blocks larger than a /24. *


Company Name:
Order Number:
Tech Contact 1:
Tech Contact 2:


1. Do you need to run BGP?
[ ] No
[ ] Yes

2. Do you need SDBB to run Authoritative or Secondary DNS for your company?
This is not for DNS resolvers, those will be provided during installation.
[ ] No
[ ] Yes

3. Do you need Backup Mail Service?
[ ] No
[ ] Yes


4. San Diego Broadband Interface IP Address Needs. Please check a box.

A: [ ] I will connect the SDBB circuit to a single Layer 3 device.
B: [ ] I will connect the SDBB circuit with two Layer 3 devices for redundancy and need a /29 on the connected interface.

5. SDBB Routed IP Address Needs.

A: [ ] I do not need any additional SDBB Assigned IP Addresses for my LAN. YOUR'RE DONE SUBMIT THIS REQUEST.
B: [ ] I need a /29 routed to my Layer 3 device.
C: [ ] I need a larger block than the IP blocks listed above. CONTINUE TO SECTION IV

* For 5 if you checked A or B you're done. STOP here and submit your IP request for processing.*

IV. Current IP Address Space Utilization

Provide detail usage for the IPv4 addresses you already have.

Network Size, Assigned By, Assigned Date, % in use

6. IP Justification: Please check the box that best describes your needs:

A: [ ] I am going to renumber and return IPs from another ISP. When will this be complete?
B: [ ] I have reached 80% usage of my current IPs and need more.
C: [ ] I currently have no IPs and I am not renumbering from an other ISP. This is a new network.

V. IPv4 IP Address Space Request

7. IP Block Size Requested:

[ ] /28 [14 useable IPs] [ ] /23 [510 useable IPs]
[ ] /27 [30 useable IPs] [ ] /22 [1022 useable IPs]
[ ] /26 [62 useable IPs] [ ] /21 [2046 useable IPs]
[ ] /25 [126 useable IPs] [ ] /20 [4094 useable IPs]
[ ] /24 [254 useable IPs] [ ] /19 [8190 useable IPs]

8. Describe your planned usage of the requested IP assignment. Please be concise.

Network Subnet Size Now 3-mo 6-mo 12-mo Description

9. Please complete the following for web-hosting services you provide.

A: Total number of servers:
B: Name-based hosting: domains using: IP addresses.
C: IP-based hosting: domains using: IP addresses.
D: How many websites do you have with SSL:
E: Technical justification(s) for IP-based hosting:

F: List of URLs and current IPs:
URL / Current IPs:

* IPv6 is available *

VII. IPv6 IP Address Space Request

11. Prefix length requested:

[ ] /64 [1 subnet] Maximum connected IPv6 block size.
[ ] /56 [256 Subnets]
[ ] /48 [65k subnets]
[ ] We have our own IPv6 space

12. Does this site currently have IPv6 space?

[ ] No
[ ] Yes. Please indicate current and planned usage for existing assignments,
as well as planned usage for the requested prefix example:

Network Prefix Now 6-mo 1-yr Description

VIII. Network Diagram - Please complete this section if you are requesting IPv6 addresses.

13. Please provide an ASCII map showing how the requested block will be subnetted or provide a Visio file.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS (add additional sheets as necessary)